Subtitles A Place To Call Home S03E02 – L’Chaim, to Life

Season 03, Episode 02 – “L’Chaim, to Life”
George’s return from hospital opens a whole new world for the Bligh family, as his new lease on life, pushes him to pursue a career in politics, announcing that he’ll run for the Country Party in the next election. While he has the support of close friend, Sir Richard Bennet, George is later informed by Richard that he will more likely win the election if he were to marry a suitable woman, with an aristocratic background. James and Olivia’s decision to move the christening of baby George forward is marred when Gino, now aware of James’ sexuality, chooses to not become the godfather of his son. With his father’s political bid announced, James assures Olivia that his sexuality will not stand in the way of their marriage, and they proceed to make love. After learning she’s pregnant with George’s baby, Sarah is forced to deal with her past in Ravensbrück, as she reveals to Jack that she was once pregnant, however was brutally bashed by the Nazis and seemingly, lost the baby. After René has a severe health crisis, Sarah makes the ultimate decision to go to the city, and have an abortion.

(71 downloads) Aired October 9, 2015


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