Subtitles American Gothic (2016) S01E01 – Arrangement in Grey and Black

In the town of Trinity, South Carolina, everything is not always how it seems. The people of the town all follow Sheriff Lucas Buck, but despite his human appearance, he has supernatural powers. Lucas Buck had a son, Caleb Temple, but he was raised by a different family and has been led to believe that someone else is his father. Now, Lucas wants his son back, and makes the town suspicious when he becomes uncharacteristically interested in Caleb. Several people try to keep Buck away, including Matt Crower, the local doctor, Gail Emory, Caleb’s cousin, and Merlyn, Caleb’s sister who passed awhile ago, but has come back as an angel to protect him.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Arrangement in Grey and Black”
In the series premiere, a prominent Boston family discovers their recently deceased patriarch is linked to a series of murders across several decades.

(16 downloads) Aired June 23, 2016


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