Subtitles Barely Famous S02E04 – First Tour Stop with Tim McGraw

Season 02, Episode 04 – “Death Of A Relationship”
Sara finds out that her husband has cheated on her with the nanny, and she attempts to capitalize on it.

Brad and Brett hit the open road as they travel to their first big concert on the Tim McGraw tour — in a low budget RV trailer. The boys need to save all the money they can, so they cancel the fancy tour bus that they can’t afford, and instead rent a creaky, busted RV that road manager Marty has found at a nearby lot.
As they leave Nashville bound for Virginia Beach, it’s a “”Barely Famous”” adventure right out of the gate. The bouncy ride has Brad hugging the portable toilet for dear life, and a massive storm has everyone trapped on the road, hours behind schedule. But getting there is half the fun, and despite the rush, Brad and Brett squeeze in some unscheduled sightseeing — including a detour to the real life Mayberry (Mount Airy, North Carolina), where Brett “”makes out”” with the local Aunt Beas.
When they arrive in Virginia, it’s a night of true rock star glory, as McGraw performs a song the boys wrote for their dad, and Brad and Brett take the stage to perform before a crowd o

Never a dull moment, never a major hit. Singing duo The Warren Brothers have come close but have never quite grasped the brass ring. In Barely Famous: The Warren Brothers, CMT takes a comical look through the eyes of the unpredictable Brad and Brett into their almost-famous life, which runs the gamut from hanging out at the Waffle House to hanging out at superstar Tim McGraw’s house.

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