Subtitles Barely Famous S02E06 – Time to Hit the Road

Brad and Brett frantically get ready for their nationwide tour with country superstar Tim McGraw which starts on June 11, 2004. As the opening act, the guys will not only be trying to find a cheap Winnebago and finish rehearsals, but also pick out wardrobe, say goodbye to loved ones and wrestle with their business manager over finances.
In addition, they will be shooting a low budget music video for their first single “”Sell a Lot of Beer”” from their new album Well Deserved Obscurity. It’s their first video in years.

Never a dull moment, never a major hit. Singing duo The Warren Brothers have come close but have never quite grasped the brass ring. In Barely Famous: The Warren Brothers, CMT takes a comical look through the eyes of the unpredictable Brad and Brett into their almost-famous life, which runs the gamut from hanging out at the Waffle House to hanging out at superstar Tim McGraw’s house.

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