Subtitles Better Call Saul Specials 7 – Talking Saul 2

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  • Homeland S05E05 – Better Call Saul Season 05, Episode 05 - “Better Call Saul” Quinn covers for Carrie. Dar and Allison assess the damage.  
  • The Teacher (2016) Učiteľka The principal of an elementary school calls a special parents meeting after it’s alleged that the seemingly empathetic and kindly-looking teacher Mrs. Drazděchová uses her students to manipulate their parents.
  • Call the Midwife S05E07 – Episode 7 Dr Turner prepares for change with the introduction of the contraceptive pill.  
  • Gomorrah S02E07 – Episode 7 Season 2, Episode 7 O’Principe enjoys his rise to power as the head of the new breed of Camorristi. But his celebrity and attitude soon makes him enemies.
  • Marley’s Ghosts S01E02 – Episode 2 Sarah Alexander stars in the supernatural sitcom about a woman who can talk to ghosts. When her husband chokes on a chicken bone, Marley discovers her unusual powers.