Subtitles Brain on Fire (2016)

A look at a young woman’s rapid descent into insanity.

Related Subtitles

  • Dharmadurai (2016) தர்மதுரை A doctor turns into an alcoholic, and becomes an embarrassment for his brothers. What caused this descent, and can he redeem himself?
  • Electric Nostalgia (2016) A young woman is haunted by visions of a faceless man after she is awoken from the dead in a body that is not her own.
  • Night Guards (2016) When eighteen-year-old Pasha rescues a beautiful young woman from a band of strangely powerful attackers, he discovers an underworld of supernatural beings living among us.
  • Hunter’s Prayer (2016) An assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family.
  • Culaccino (2016) A young woman walks into a restaurant. She has a very important plant to carry out. One last date. One last chance. One couple. Two glasses. One right choice. One wine stain.