Subtitles Damien S01E06 – Temptress

Season 01, Episode 06 – “Temptress”
Damien is led to a beloved figured from his past and confronts Rutledge as he begins to unravel the conspiracy surrounding him.

(1 downloads) Aired April 13, 2016
(7 downloads) Aired April 13, 2016


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  • Damien S01E07 – Abattoir Season 01, Episode 07 – “Abattoir” Damien gets help from a surprising source; Shay locates Damien’s old friend; a mysterious figure asks for Simone’s help; and Rutledge makes an offer to Damien.  
  • Damien S01E03 – The Deliverer Season 01, Episode 03 – “The Deliverer” Damien advises an old friend about Rutledge’s intentions; Simone turns to the church for answers; Shay gets an unexpected visitor; and Rutledge gains Damien’s trust after a mysterious death.  
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