Subtitles Deadliest Catch S12E15 – Blood & Guts

Blood is shed on the Time Bandit, a fight breaks out on the Wizard, the Northwestern grapples with a burnt-out boat, and a lost bet leads to cod guts on the Brenna A.

Related Subtitles

  • Deadliest Catch S12E13 – Fire at Sea (1) The Northwestern catches on fire alone on the water and days from land. Meanwhile on the Time Bandit, a family emergency leaves Johnathan no choice but to make a desperate move. Josh Harris' judgement is tested.
  • Deadliest Catch S12E07 – Cold War Captain Edgar Hansen is losing control of the Northwestern with a mutiny on his hands. A couple of drunk deckhands put the Saga at risk. Jonathan Hillstrand bets it all for a hopefully big end to his season and Freddie Maugatai takes honoring his skipper to the extreme.
  • Gladiator Wars (2016) The Wizard takes warriors from there time periods and makes them fight to the death for his evil pleasure.
  • Fresh Off The Boat S02E18 – Week in Review Season 02, Episode 18 – “Week in Review” Louis leaves it to Jessica to battle a lice infestation; and Eddie tries to back out of a bet he made with a teacher.  
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