Subtitles Finding Carter S02E19 – Never Let Me Go

Carter and Elizabeth’s relationship is pushed to the edge when Elizabeth oversteps her bounds just as Lori inches her way into Carter’s life. Meanwhile, Max’s abusive father is up for parole.

(15 downloads) Aired November 18, 2015


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  • Finding Carter S02E13 – Native Son Season 02, Episode 13 - “Native Son” In the Season 2B premiere, Carter learns of the outcome of Lori’s trial; and decides she wants to get to know her new brother, Ben. In other events, David and Elizabeth come to blows over Lori’s latest bombshell.  
  • Finding Carter S02E18 – She’s Come Undone Everything comes to a head at a house concert for Carter, Taylor, Max, and Ben, where everyone’s secrets come to light.  
  • Finding Carter S02E14 – Anywhere But Here Season 02, Episode 14 - “Anywhere but Here” Carter struggles to keep up with school and her secret job at the bar; Taylor and Max try to celebrate an anniversary; Crash gets a new assignment.      
  • Finding Carter S02E15 – Rabbit, Run Season 02, Episode 15 - “Rabbit, Run” Lori reveals shocking news about Ben; Carter digs deeper into Ben’s secret life; Taylor urges Max to help Gabe.  
  • Finding Carter S02E16 – The Sound And The Fury Season 02, Episode 16 - “The Sound and the Fury” Carter hits it off with someone new; and figures out how to save the bar. In other events, Max takes Grant under his wing; and things come to a head between Max, Taylor and Gabe.