Subtitles The Five S01E06 – Episode 6

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  • Flowers S01E06 – Episode 6 The family is severed as Deborah considers her future, and Maurice and the twins struggle to pull themselves together without her. Barry gives Maurice a shock, while Deborah stumbles across something that calls everything into question.
  • Rake S04E06 – Episode 6 Thompson has Cleaver in the frame for drug trafficking, but Wendy comes to the rescue. David is desperate to save his relationship with Scarlet, and Nicole is scrolling through her ex-husband posts.  
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  • Bob’s Burgers S06E19 – Glued, Where’s My Bob? Season 06 , Episode 19 – “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” In the Season 6 finale, the kids pick a bad time to wage their goop war after Bob learns a journalist is coming to do a story on the restaurant, and the whole town winds up getting involved.