Subtitles Food Detectives S01E02 – Episode 2

One of the fastest growing trends in our supermarkets is gluten-free foods. You can buy everything from gluten free bread and cakes to tins of soup. So is gluten really that bad for us? Should we all be going gluten free? Prof Alice Roberts tests the claim that some people feel less bloated and more alert when they cut out gluten. 30 volunteers embark on a gluten free diet to see if they feel healthier. But there’s a twist. One half will be adding gluten to their diet and the other will be gluten free but they won’t know which is which. We find out whether going gluten free delivers health benefits or is just a fad.Tom Kerridge has been a professional chef for over 20 years and in that time he has learned many tips and tricks to deliver food that consistently tastes great. He’s keen to share these trade secrets so we can all improve our cooking. This time, he reveals how a garnish can transform an everyday dish into something special.Forget coupons – when it comes saving money on your shop, online cashback apps are taking over. Our consumer journalist Sean Fletcher reveals how one savvy shopper saves around £1,500 a year by using these apps. She can do this while still buying the brands she likes and the food she needs. So we asked our bargain hunter to do a mid-week shop to see how much she could save. Find out how she slashed her supermarket bill in half simply by using these new cashback apps.

(4 downloads) Aired April 26, 2016


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