Subtitles Footsteps (2016)

A troubled teenager is followed by an unknown entity.

Related Subtitles

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  • The Unknown Girl (2016) La Fille inconnue Jenny, a young doctor who feels guilty after a young woman she refused to see winds up dead a few days later, decides to find out who the girl was, after the police can't identify the young woman.
  • Karva (2016) It is a two dimensional story, one trying to unveil an age old unknown mystery, and another experiencing the existence of the unknown. Do these stories meet? What happens to the fate of those involved with the unknown ?  
  • Extinct S01E10   400 years into the future, humans are extinct. The unknown alien race, that extinguished mankind centuries before, has now revived a group of humans as an experiment.
  • Bliss S01E06 A man with two wives who are unknown to each other finds it increasingly difficult to maintain his double life.