Subtitles Ice Road Truckers S10E02 – Feeling the Heat

Season 10, Episode 2 – “Feeling the Heat”

Facing one of the shortest seasons, both teams are under the pressure to get deliveries completed. At Polar Industries, Art Burke fights to get back on the road after crashing his truck into a snowbank. Ice road legend Alex Debogorski makes his triumphant return, but first he must cross an untested crossing. Looking for more drivers, Polar boss tests out new driver Steph Custance. Across town, Lisa Kelly faces a monster incline. Darrell Ward runs into long time rival Todd Dewey.

Take a trip to Yellowknife, Canada to experience one of the most dangerous careers around. In unfathomably cold conditions, truck drivers haul equipment and supplies to miners in the Canadian tundra in the dead of winter on a 350-mile highway of ice.

(5 downloads) Aired August 15, 2016


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