Subtitles Kiki, el amor se hace (2016) Quickie Love Is So

Quickie Love Is So

Through five stories, the movie addresses sex and love: Paco and Ana are a marriage looking for reactivate the passion of their sexual relations, long time unsatisfied; Jose Luis tries to recover the affections of his wife Paloma, sit down on a wheelchair after an accident which has limited her mobility; Mª Candelaria and Antonio are a marriage trying by all way to be parents, but she has the trouble that no get an orgasm when make love with him; Álex try to satisfy Natalia’s fantasies, while she starts to doubt if he finally will ask her in marriage; and finally, Sandra is a single woman in a permanent searching for a man to fall in love. All them love, fear, live and explore their diverse sexual paraphilias and the different sides of sexuality, trying to find the road to happiness.

(39 downloads) Aired September 11, 2016
Quickie Love Is So (2016) [1080p] BluRay
Kiki, el amor se hace (original title)

(74 downloads) Aired August 11, 2016


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