Subtitles Liv and Maddie S03E14 – Dream-a-Rooney

“Voltage” is taking up all of Liv’s time, but when The Dream is asked to reunite for a fundraiser, Liv is determined to make it happen. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to figure out where to go to college.

Related Subtitles

  • Liv and Maddie S03E03 – Co-Star-A-Rooney Season 03, Episode 03 - “Co-Star-A-Rooney” Some familiar faces show up for auditions to be Liv’s co-star in “Voltage.” Meanwhile, Karen arranges a “cleansing ceremony” for Maddie to help her let go of her feelings for Diggie.  
  • Liv and Maddie S03E19 – Skyvolt-A-Rooney Season 03, Episode 19 - “Skyvolt-A-Rooney” Liv must choose between moving or staying in Wisconsin with her sister when “Voltage” relocates to Los Angeles.  
  • Moos (2016) Moos is a young woman who helps her father Maup in his shop. Then she is reunited with her old friend Sam, who encourages her to make her dreams come true.
  • Liv and Maddie S03E07 – Meatball-A-Rooney Season 03, Episode 07 - “Meatball-A-Rooney” When Willow earns a scholarship that Maddie really wanted, the besties get into a huge fight. Then, when Joey accidentally breaks Liv’s toe and tries to make things better, he ends up making it even worse.  
  • Castle S08E04 – PhDead Season 08, Episode 04 – “What Lies Beneath…” Castle is determined to figure out who murdered his idol, a reclusive author, but the truth seems to be stranger than fiction.