Subtitles Lookalikes S01E02 – Episode 2

David Beckham lookalike and agency boss Andy Harmer has ‘Robert De Niro’ on his books, but De Niro lookalike Roger Kabler is as antagonistic as his celebrity doppelganger, and has rubbed the other lookalikes up the wrong way so much that they’ve threatened to quit the agency. Andy’s got a tough decision to make. In the midst of the mutiny, Tim – Andy’s best friend and David Brent lookalike – has agreed to show a new ‘Nessa’ around the office. Keen to show her the ropes, he lets her warm up the crowd at one of the agency’s most important corporate gigs. But when his protÚgÚe gets the most laughs, Tim is worried that his star is on the wane.

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