Subtitles The Real Marigold Hotel S01E02 – Part 2

Season 1, Episode 2
Jaipur is full of hundreds of years of history, best seen in its impressive buildings, so the group head out to visit the jewel in Jaipur’s crown, the 500-year-old Amer Fort. Their guide also offers to show them his local home where they begin to understand the gulf between rich and poor and the impact of the caste system. They are also invited to take tea with Jaipur’s royal family at the opulent Rambagh Palace, mixing with high society in the finest surroundings. Wayne makes the most of his wish to explore his spiritual side by attending the daily morning prayers and visiting the beautiful Galti Ji temple, which is home to a troop of monkeys. Rosemary, finding it hard to unwind from her normal hectic life, tries meditation for the first time and is surprised by the results. To end their first week, they throw a party with performances to meet their new neighbours as they start to feel more at home on the other side of the world.

(5 downloads) Aired February 19, 2016
(6 downloads) Aired February 19, 2016


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