Subtitles Rush Hour (2016) S01E07 – Badass Cop

Season 1, Episode 7 – “Badass Cop”
Carter and Lee suspect an armored-truck robbery may have been a practice run for a bigger theft, but debate over who may be the perpetrators.

(7 downloads) Aired May 13, 2016
(20 downloads) Aired May 13, 2016


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  • Saahasam (2016) Ravi becomes the target of Bittu, a criminal, after he helps cops catch the latter committing robbery at a bank. And so begins a game of smarts between the two, and Ravi has to win it so that he and his family can stay alive.  
  • Rush Hour (2016) S01E02 – Two Days or the Number of Hours Within That Timeframe Season 1, Episode 2 – “Two Days, or the Number of Hours Within That Time Frame” To crack a robbery-homicide, Carter must sneak his cousin Gerald out of jail to use his contacts on the street to help get to the bottom of the crime.