Subtitles Silent Witness S1901 – Flight

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  • Silent Witness S19E04 – Flight (2) Season 19, Episode 04 — ”Flight Part Two″ Thomas must put his personal feelings aside as the team track down Begovic before she and her extremist compatriots strike out again. It soon becomes clear that Begovic isn’t working alone and may not have been the one who shot Ryman. In fact, […]
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  • The Silent Mountain (2014) A young Austrian soldier in World War I fights his way through the Alps to rescue his Italian girlfriend and escape the impending explosion that will rock the […]
  • A Silent Voice (2016) 聲の形 聲の形 Ishida Shouya bullies a deaf girl, Nishimiya Shouko, to the point that she transfers to another school. As a result, he is ostracized and bullied himself with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future. This is the story of his path to redemption.