Subtitles Steve Rannazzisi: Breaking Dad (2015)

(1 downloads) Aired September 9, 2016


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  • American Dad! S13E18 – Mine Struggle Season 12 , Episode 18 – “Mine Struggle” Stan unearths a salt mine in the backyard, which a company offers to buy, but it turns out that Steve is the rightful owner of the property and the family pressures him to sell.  
  • American Dad! S13E01 – Roots Season 13 , Episode 01 – “Roots” Meanwhile, Roger helps Steve with his performance anxiety.  
  • American Dad! S13E02 – The Life Aquatic with Steve Smith Season 13 , Episode 02 – “The Life Aquatic with Steve Smith” Steve joins the high school water polo team to get girls. Meanwhile, Roger and Stan get a boat.  
  • American Dad! S13E20 – Gift Me Liberty Season 12 , Episode 20 – “Gifted Me Liberty” Stan undertakes a mission to uncover who neglected to bring a gift to the CIA’s Secret Santa party; and good-guy Steve fills in as boyfriend to several female classmates.  
  • American Dad S12E03 – Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six Season 12 , Episode 03 – “Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six” A mental issue has Hayley regressing to a 6-year-old; and Steve gets a slow cooker.