Subtitles The Arti: The Adventure Begins (2015)

Combining ancient designs discovered on the Silk Road, and an enigmatic natural power called the Origin, Zhang Meng created Arti-C, a powerful mechanical man made of wood and metal. Having stirred up fears, he was accused of treason and slain — but not before entrusting the Arti to his son Mo, who controls the wooden robot, and his daughter Tong, a cocky swordswoman. The siblings, now grown, pursue a perilous quest across the desert in search of the legendary city of Loulan, where they hope to find the Origin at its source. However, with ambitious royal schemes afoot and a mysterious tribe guarding the Origin, the Zhangs’ goal will not be easy to achieve. In the battle to come, are they even on the right side?

奇人密碼-古羅布之謎 (2015)

(6 downloads) Aired November 15, 2015
The Arti The Adventure Begins (2015) BluRay 480p-Akai
The Arti The Adventure Begins (2015) BluRay 720p-Akai

(22 downloads) Aired October 24, 2015


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