Subtitles The Awesomes S03E10 – The Final Showdown

When Mr. Awesome gets hold of the only thing in the world that can kill him, The Awesomes must get creative to stop him; Perfect Man discovers a secret from his past.

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Related Subtitles

  • The Awesomes S03E10 – The Final Showdown Season 03, Episode 10 - “The Final Showdown” Prock is convinced that his father’s evilness can be cured with a transfusion of super-blood from his children.  
  • The Awesomes S03E09 – Super(hero) Tuesday As election day approaches, Mr. Awesome's campaign makes a final push; when Dr. Malocchio tells the team Mr. Awesome is evil, The Awesomes are not sure who to believe.  
  • The Awesomes S03E07 – The Awesomes Reloaded Unknowingly hooked up to a simulation, The Awesomes find themselves living simple lives in a small town, with Prock as the sheriff. They must relearn how to be heroes when Perfect Man and the New Awesomes think it's a violent video game.  
  • The Awesomes S03E08 – The GayFather Frantic is conflicted when he falls for a member of the Gay Mafia, a gay super villain team; Prock, Perfect Man, and Muscleman go on a road trip when Mr. Awesome appoints Prock his new campaign manager.  
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