Subtitles The Great Indoors S01E10

Season 01, Episode 10 – The Explorers’ Club

When Mather, the president of the Chicago Adventure Society, accuses Roland of faking the story of the expedition that made his career, Jack, Brooke and the millennials team up to clear his name. Also, Clark is dumbfounded when he notices that Jack seeks Mather’s approval the same way he seeks Jack’s,

A renowned adventure reporter, who has spent his life exploring the edges of the earth, is now taking a desk job in the digital department of the magazine. He must adapt to the times and his new world. He’s struggling to grasp the lingo of online click-bait and listicles, but his real challenge is in understanding his staff of millenials who write about the great outdoors but never actually set foot outside.

(4 downloads) Aired January 13, 2017


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