Subtitles The Hairy Bikers’ Northern Exposure S01E02 – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

The Bikers travel on to the Baltic States. These countries are so close but we know little about them! Si and Dave want to change that – starting with Lithuania. They make a pilgrimage to the Hill of Crosses. A site bristling with crosses and historically under constant threat from the KGB, the hill has been a Lithuanian symbol of strength and resistance for over two centuries.

In Latvia, the Bikers can’t resist the opportunity to ride with Latvia’s oldest biker gang, the Brothers of the Wind. They travel to Riga’s huge indoor market constructed from former Zeppelin sheds and taste some of the country’s most amazing produce.

Estonia sees the Bikers going back to basics on the peaceful and beautiful island of Muhu. They get a taste of the future with an inventive chef, go foraging for sea kale and fall in love with a group of dancing grannies.

(8 downloads) Aired September 8, 2015
(2 downloads) Aired September 8, 2015


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