Subtitles The Mindy Project S04E03 – Leo Castellano Is My Son

(56 downloads) Aired October 2, 2015


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  • The Mindy Project S04E09 – Jody Kimball-Kinney Is My Husband Mindy becomes convinced that she must get Leo into the best pre-school in Manhattan. However, with Danny out of town, she must enlist the help of her work nemesis, Jody,  to impress the admissions committee.  
  • The Mindy Project S04E24 – My Kid Stays In The Picture Season 04, Episode 24 – “My Kid Stays in the Picture” When Mindy encounters a chance to turn Leo into a child star, she asks Jeremy to teach her how to be a “momager.”  
  • The Mindy Project S05E02 – Nurses’ Strike Season 05, Episode 02 – “Nurses’ Strike" A nurses’ strike spearheaded by a new male nurse shakes Shulman & Associates to its core. Meanwhile, Mindy cares for a sick Leo; Jody puts the upstairs apartment on the market; and Brendan asks Mindy for help with a new project. Mindy […]
  • The Mindy Project S04E26 – Homewrecker Season 04, Episode 26 – “Homewrecker” In the Season 4 finale, something goes wrong at Leo’s school, which means Mindy and Danny have to see each other. Meanwhile, Jody hopes a generous gift will regain Mindy’s trust. Mindy Lahiri can quote every romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan that […]
  • The Mindy Project S04E20 – The Greatest Date in the World Mindy advises a patient against having a child with her on-again, off-again boyfriend even though it tests the boundaries of her professional ethics. Meanwhile, Danny's old office is turned into a lounge by the nurses.